Veryldesigns Subscription Membership


African print headwraps, hair bonnets, Africa jewellery

Clothing memebership. Various ladies wearing african print ankara hugh waisted skirts, off the shoulder dress, jumpsuit, african print jean jacket


This is an all things African print and heritage subscription membership where you get various items of accessories, jewellery and clothing. All memberships give you a huge saving on item cost and they are tailor designed to your style using our detailed style quiz.

The membership is split into two categories.

1. Accessorises & Jewellery £29.99

This is a membership where you get 3 items from our accessories collection. 

This will include varying pieces from our Jewellery, Headwraps & Bonnet selection.

2. Clothing STARTING at £55

This is a membership where you get various items of clothing in 3 categories;

SILVER £55 - 2 Items (Tops or Bottoms) 

GOLD £70 - 3 Items (Tops, Bottoms & Dresses)

DIAMOND £100 - 4 Items ( Tops, Bottoms, Dresses & Jackets)


When will my order be posted:

On joining the membership in any calendar month, your first order will be posted on 25th of that month and will be expected to arrive 3 working days (UK orders) or 5-10 working days (International orders)

E.g; If you join your membership around 1-15th of April, your first order will be shipped out 25th April and the subsequent orders will go out 25th of every following calender month unless you cancel the service.

PLEASE NOTE the cut off for orders is 15th of every month. Orders/subscriptions made after 15th of the month will be posted out the following month.

This is a monthly and 3 monthly membership and you can always opt out or skip months as and when it suits you.

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