Veryldesigns: An Origin Story

Veryldesigns: An Origin Story

Everyone lives for a clearly mapped out origin story for either a brand they are interested in or even their favourite brand. It makes it feel personal and you feel closer to the creator/brand in a whole different way. It could even inspire you to be loyal to it. It is why your big old brands have always had pages in Vogue telling their story (I aspire to be like that when I grow up, I’m still 2 years old so wait for me.) In the same breath, who am I to deny you the origin story you all want.

Veryldesigns is a child of my brain, born out of hardship, a desire to solve a problem, and have something I call mine in the long run. I have told this story before on Instagram, but I can tell it over again like it was only yesterday. I was sick in for the greater part of 2017/19, I had had several operations and was sadly signed off work indefinitely, and continued to have to avoid stress to give myself time to heal. In the midst of this, like any 20 something would know, the mind is still working in all its glory, probably berating you for something it knows you cannot control.

In that state though, there is only so much reason you can muster especially when you are sure your agemates are out there doing big things. We live in the social media world, you cannot escape it *insert shrug emoji.* After having a very active life, before it all came to a sudden standstill (a lot like what it was when lockdown began), I knew I had to take up something new. That is when I started sewing. A new hobby and “alternative pain therapy” as the doctors liked to call it to lose myself into and make something pretty in my “new normal” process. This soon translated into solving a problem I’ve always encountered when buying clothes for myself and what Veryldesigns is now.

As an African woman, specifically Ugandan, the one problem most of us, myself included, face when it comes to clothing, is having to buy two different sizes for the top and bottom halves of the body. Having to alter clothes bought off the rack, or looking for ones with extra stretch just to get the perfect fit. It gets tiring when you have to constantly do it. So to solve the problem for others too, Veryldesigns found its niche. Catering first to women, like me, who love fashion that is effortless but still pushes them to express themselves. It is why the patterns are flattering and the colours are vibrant. 

As you continue with me on this Veryldesigns journey, you will see more expression, colour, intricate designs, custom made pieces. Because as you see from the origin, I am all about feeling good about yourself both on the inside and out and what better way to do it than to start with what you wear. 

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